Gluten-free Bread

HI-FOOD can offer a concentrated functional Nucleus of natural ingredients (innovative ingredients with an innovative technology). This Nucleus can be used to replace Gluten and therefore to produce Gluten-free bakery products with unique quality, using starches of different nature as base raw materials. It will then be possible to produce high quality products with flours or starches from rice, potato, manioca, cassava, etc.

HI-FOOD Nucleus is a system acting like Gluten in the processing of bread, produced using rigorously natural ingredients and certified processes.

Moreover, common allergen products are not used no soya, no milk, lactose or milk derivates, no eggs or egg derivates – nor are emulsifiers.

The Bread produced using the HI-FOOD Nucleus presents the following main characteristics:

Aspect: like traditional bread
Grain: uniform and stable grain texture
External crust well structured and crispy
Crust color variability like traditional bread(depending on oven settings)
Mouthfeel and chewing properties like traditional bread
Clean taste profile
Longer Freshness compared to traditional bread
Outstanding raising capacity, like traditional bread
Sliceabile with no breakages
Can be frozen or shock frozen with no loss of general characteristics

"Clean Label" Table: Do we need these Ingredients, even in small percentages?
Stabilizer No
Emulsifiers No
Humectants No
Non-Natural Flavours No
Anti-oxidants No
Chemical Fermentation No
Acidity Regulators
Sodium Diacetate No
Flavours No
Citric Acid No
Soya No
Milk – Milk derivates No
Egg – Egg derivates No
Gums (E412 Guar, E410, Xanthan, Locustbean) No
CMC E466 No
HPMC Depends