Gluten-free Croissant

HI-FOOD HI-FOOD can offer a concentrated functional Nucleus of natural ingredients (innovative ingredients with an innovative technology). This Nucleus can be used to replace Gluten and therefore to produce Gluten-free croissant and other bakery products with unique quality.

We have developed a special formulation with the unique property of allowing the industrial production of a truly sheated and laminated croissant on conventional lines (such as RONDO lines).

"Clean Label" Table: Do we need these Ingredients, even in small percentages?
Stabilizer No
Emulsifiers No
Humectants No
Non-Natural Flavours No
Anti-oxidants No
Chemical Fermentation No
Acidity Regulators
Sodium Diacetate No
Flavours No
Citric Acid No
Soya No
Milk – Milk derivates No
Egg – Egg derivates No
Gums (E412 Guar, E410, Xanthan, Locustbean) No
CMC E466 No
HPMC Depends