Mold Inhibitors and Savory Taste Enhancer

Consistently wih its mission, HI-FOOD offers functional innovative and natural ingredients for the bakery industry.
Hi-Shield P is a natural fermentation product with antibacterial properties in which selected strains of lactic-acid bacteria and yeast are able to produce natural organic acids (lactic, acetic, propionic). It is a gluten-free free-flowing powder from fermented corn, typically applied in Bakery products, gluten-free products, gastronomy products and dressings, replacing (or in synergy with) calcium propionate and other E-preservatives.
Hi-Shield P is produced with a proprietary process and is offered as a concentrate, thus increasing its functionality and representing a very effective technological and economic alternative to other products in the market.
Tests and continuous use, also through the summer months, confirmed the effectiveness of Hi-Shield P.
Of note, its savory taste allows Hi-Shield P to act as mold inhibitor as well as taste enhancer – a positive effect to reduce salt in the recipe.

Mold prevention natural agents

Inducing controlled fermentation HI-FOOD developed innovative natural solutions to control the bacterial contamination in the food matrix.
The peculiarity of these natural fermented products is their anti-mold effect.

Shelf life extension, better stability of food, low contamination are technical targets that can be achieved by applying HI-FOOD natural solutions.

Natural anti molds are available in powder
(spray dried) form and in the innovative
micro-emulsion form.