Palm oil replacement

There is an unmet need to replace Palm Oil and tropical oils in many applications, primarily because of their high amount of saturated fats and because of the well known open issues linked to deforestation and sustainability.

Our contribution is to replace Palm Oil, tropical oils and their related margarines using a system based on our functional fiber Hi-Sub4Palm and other oils at choice.

Palm Oil and other tropical oils have excellent processing properties: these properties can now be found in systems based on Hi-Sub4Palm and other oils. In particular, Hi-Sub4Palm can create stable emulsions, very suitable for industrial processing.

Main areas for Palm Oil replacement:

HI-FOOD ingredients for:

Margarines: replaced by fat
blocks – stable emulsions

Hydrated creams: for fillings, for example

Anhydrous creams: spreadable nut-chocolate
creams, for example

Bakery Products: replacing Palm Oil and margarine in various bakery products such as bread,
brioche, crackers, etc

Gluten-Free products: there is no need to use Palm Oil as binder or to help structure and processing with the use of Hi-FOOD fibers