Stabilizers & Emulsifiers

Hi-Fibre WF is a unique functional fiber with emulsifying properties. It creates stable oil-water emulsions and allows a cleaner label, an improved nutritional profile of the end product while keeping costs under control.

It is uncommon to have a fiber acting as an emulsifier: thanks to its lipophilic ends, Hi-Fibre WF can create stable and Processable emulsions both at cold and during heating cycles such as, for example, pasteurization.

A new opportunity for a cleaner label is offered by Hi-Fibre WF, replacing E471 (mono-diglycerides), E481, SSL (sodium stearoyl lactylate), lecithins and other emulsyfiers (studies are taking place to replace or reduce enzymes, too).

Of note, synergies are possible with other emulsifiers – not always the case with other emulsifiers.

The use of Hi-Fibre WF with any kind of fat/oil and water provides a variety of advantages, among which:

Stability to heat and temperature treatments and to freezing and thawing phases

Spreadability and Creaminess

Cost in-use-advantages: lower cost
of the whole formulation

Nutritional improvements: less fat,
more vegetable fibers

Processability: Easy to use in industrial processes

Clean label: vegetable fiber, replacing mono-diglycerides and other emulsifiers Various emulsion ratios (Fibre:Fat:Water) are possible, adding flexibility to the users.

Examples of possible applications:

Emulsifier and Stabilizer
Replacement of Emulsifiers in Bakery, (Ice) Creams
Stabilizer for fillings
Ice cream, sauces, fruit
Reduction of Checking in Crackers, Grissini
Cheese emulsions
Cheese analogue, stringy melted cheese (w/o additives)
Spreadable emulsions
Gastronomy products – emulsifier and no oil separation
sauces, gastronomy mousse based on cheese or meat, patés
Gel with water
Creams (hydrated)
Chocolate (fat bloom)