Functional Ingredients with
high technological effect

- low dosage, natural, sustainable
- Used in finished products as well as in intermediates

Work in progress

Our Research and Development group is actively pursuing new projects. We have a pretty healthy development pipeline, most of which in close collaboration with our partners.

The progress of our activities is oriented in two directions, both important to us:
- We have identified new functional building blocks, providing new and unique properties
- We have identified new applications for our building blocks, thanks to the suggestions of our partners and customers (eg. Replacing alcohol as a preservative, or finding new texturizing flours or creating new vegan products or developing functional alternatives to sugar as ingredient, not as a sweetener)

We do not engage in new projects or explorations unless a connection to our existing knowledge is there. This gives us a higher chance of success, while maximizing the broadening of our knowledge – just like an expert system.
If you wish to start a new (confidential) project, challenge us with your idea and contact us.

Match your idea with our experience


- Functional Natural Fibers (emulsion, water-binding, gelling)
- Natural Antimold
- Vegan, Free-From functional systems, Gluten-free
- Palm-free (low saturated fats)
- New Natural Polymers
- Bake-Stable clean system
- Physically Modified Flours

Our R&D is free of charge, hence we develop ingredients and start projects only if we believe we have a high chance of success – always in collaboration with our partner, it is never a one-way process.



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