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FiE Trade Show: Stand 11.0A94


Oct 2017

FiE Trade Show: Stand 11.0A94

HI-FOOD, an innovation engine developing key functional ingredients and technological know-how for new clean label products in the Free-From, Bakery, Sauce and Gastronomy markets and MartinoRossi, a leading producer of high-quality legume and corn flours with long-standing expertise in agro-technology, announce the development of new technologies for the production of innovative functionalized flours and new natural ingredients.

Starting from a variety of gluten-free cereals and legumes, the new, next-generation production facilities located in Malagnino (Cremona, Italy) now produce natural flours with new texturizing, gelling and thickening properties that can be used in a wide range of applications: from pasta to desserts, from bakery to meat, from deli to vegetarian/vegan.

In particular, HI-MODI FLOUR is a physically modified corn flour with new functionalities:
- Texturizing, Thickening, Stabilizing
- Increased processing tolerance and shelf life stability,
while the NEWGEN range includes functionalized physically modified flours from pea, chickpea and lentil and is able to increase the plasticity of a mass, give more resistance to mechanical stress and avoid loss of structure during heat treatment.
Application testing carried out by a number of academic institutes as well as partner customers show good results in pasta, bread sticks, snacks and sauces (gluten-free, too).

HI-MODI FLOUR and the NEWGEN flours contain no E-numbers, allergens, GMO nor are chemically modified. They are modified on-site at the flour mill and are made in Italy from a fully monitored field-to-mill chain. These flours, and other functional ingredients as well as research activities on by-products from cereals and legumes are the result of the collaboration (since 2015) of complementary know-how: MartinoRossi, with their total control of the field-to-mill chain and their important presence in the market of grains and legumes; Hi-Food, focused on the research and development of new natural ingredients with technological functionalities, conveniently located inside the Science Park of the University of Parma.

Hi-Food Natural Functional Ingredients and technological know-how are at the basis of new Free-From building blocks. These include:

- a natural fiber-based functional system for the substitution of tropical oils (especially palm oil) with other oils, creating stable emulsions that can be processed on conventional lines
- a natural vegetable fiber with outstanding water-retention properties providing freshness, mouthfeel and acting as fat-mimic
- natural mold inhibitors replacing alcohol and other conventional preservatives
- new bakery enzymes (transglutaminase and other enzyme systems for gluten-free)
- new natural functional polymers for vegan products, clean label ice-cream products, replacement of hydrocolloids and custom-made systems
- gluten replacement: HI-FOOD offers Hi-Nucleus, a concentrated functional natural ingredient to replace Gluten in the production of croissants and all bakery products with very clean label and nutritionally balanced recipes.
- Bake-Stable clean systems

Keywords: free-from, vegan, clean label; gluten-free, palm-free, egg-free,
additive-free, alcohol-free; legume flour, pea flour, chickpea flour, lentil flour, corn flour; replacement of hydrocolloids, fat-reduction; salt replacement; natural mold inhibitors; enzymes; custom-made functional ingredients, natural polymers; emulsion, water-binding, gel, texture, bake-stable.

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