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IBA - Hall A4, Stand n.341


Sep 2018

IBA - Hall A4, Stand n.341

HI-FOOD, an innovation engine developing key natural functional ingredients and technological know-how for clean label products in the Bakery, Free-From, Sauce, Cream and Gastronomy market, will be attending IBA in Munich on 15-20 September.

HI-FOOD research has focused on an innovative, viscous, semi-solid system able to replace syrups not from a sweetness stand point but as a texturizing and bulking agent.

MELTEC™ (patent pending technology) is a Natural semi-solid ingredient visually similar to a syrup or honey but with no sugar. Its low calories together with the insignificant content of sugars allows MELTEC™ to be used to replace syrups in products where the sugars value and the energy value need to be reduced but where the technical and functional properties of syrups and sugars are necessary: Humectancy, Texture, Stickiness, Bulking, Freezing Point Depressant, Cryoprotectant, Shelf life extender…
MELTEC™ is based on natural vegetable fibers from legumes and cereals with some residual water. Soluble in water, tasteless, odorless and of course clean label, its structure is long and thick due to its fibrous nature, with both soluble and insoluble fibers that are all “suspended” thanks to the chemical nature of some fractions of brans containing pectin-like molecules. We have tested the replacement of sugar syrups and humectants in various applications: Bakery, Bars, Confectionery, Beverage, Ice-Cream.

Hi-Food Natural Functional Ingredients and technological know-how are at the basis of new Free-From building blocks, always respecting the clean label and free-from requirements.
These include:
- Partial Salt Replacement clean systems
- Natural Mold Inhibitors replacing alcohol and other conventional preservatives
- Gluten-Free: HI-FOOD offers a variety of individual building blocks as well as Hi-Nucleus, a concentrated functional natural ingredient to replace gluten in the production of croissants and all bakery products with very clean label and nutritionally balanced recipes.
- a natural water-binding fiber providing freshness, mouthfeel and acting as fat-mimic
- a natural fiber-based functional system for the substitution of tropical oils (especially palm oil), creating stable emulsions that can be processed on conventional lines
- bakery enzymes (transglutaminase and other enzyme systems for gluten-free)
- new natural functional polymers for vegan products, clean label ice-cream, replacement of hydrocolloids and custom-made systems
- physically modified corn flour with texturizing, stabilizing properties, increased processing tolerance and shelf life stability,
Our Research and Development is constantly working on new projects leveraging on the internal know-how and expert-system approach.

Visit us in Hall A4, Stand n.341 at IBA

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