Functional Ingredients with high technological effect

- low dosage, natural, sustainable
- Used in finished products as well as in intermediates


HI-FOOD functional ingredients are developed internally through careful and methodical studies and experiments, aiming at providing specific technological functionalities to natural ingredients, especially those of sustainable origin.
Prior to releasing an ingredient for commercial use, prototypes of the finished product where the ingredient is intended for use are made. These prototypes are made and tested in our labs, in the pilot plant of our customers or with the manufacturer of production lines or equipment.
In addition, acceptance tests and methods are developed to ensure that the specific functionality of each ingredient is confirmed and guaranteed for each batch.
The recent move to the Science Park of the University of Parma, accepting the invitation of the University to move our R&D and offices to a dedicated building inside the Science Park increased the very valuable closer contact with the academic and research world, facilitates a series of joint projects, strengthening the innovation pipeline.

Free-From is a pre-requisite, as well as the need to look for interconnected developments, leveraging on experience and maximizing the effect of the underlying building blocks being developed. Of course, always consistent with macro-trends.

Our R&D is free of charge: we are not asking our clients to pay a consulting fee for our development efforts: this gives us the discipline and focus to work only on projects develop where we see a high chance of success.


In a few years, HI-FOOD has developed a valuable network of partners, customers and suppliers worldwide (especially Europe) with the possibility to exchange information and business opportunities within the functional food ingredients market.
This has allowed the introduction of new products into the market and the development of new solutions, as well as the possibility to better understand the dynamics of the specific markets


HI-FOOD operates through a networked supply-chain system: special raw materials are chosen and selected, their (natural) transformation process is tested and identified, creating intermediates custom-made for HI-FOOD which are then expertly combined in a final functionalization.
The choice of the processing facilities goes through a parallel process, looking for capable plants with the desired processing technologies (fermentation, freeze drying, crystallization, sorting, etc.). In a nutshell, we aim to find the best botanic sources, the best raw materials and the best processing facilities for our specific needs.
Buying machine time in the most effective manufacturing facilities and having intermediates made according to our process parameters and specifications allows for the best functional performance, great flexibility, fast development and go-to-market cycles, while retaining full control of the intellectual property.
Design and know-how is done in Parma, Italy, as well as the final phases of the manufacturing process of our functional ingredients. Therefore, the products are officially acknowledged as "Made in Italy".
To push transparency much beyond what ingredient companies typically do, we have deliberately chosen to specify all constituents of our products, including processing aids: our confidential extended data sheets are sometimes a surprise to those clients and partners not used to such eye-opening clarity.
Needless to say, HI-FOOD, BRC Certified, operates ensuring full batch traceability, using an extensive quality control regime and offering full technical and application development support.
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Upstream, there are Companies adding value by creating new foods, new ingredients, new technologies, not yet fully commercial. These companies can create with Hi-Food new ingredients and new foods. HI-FOOD has all the features to "enable" all this and can be partner of choice (in Europe, mainly). With its labs and network we are the ideal hatching place

Downstream, there are Companies with the most innovative finished products, creating alternatives to existing finished products. In collaboration with HI-FOOD, in joint developments, this is all possible: Hi-Food has strong innovation elements, can and act as accelerator or innovation engine and can identify new development platforms and new production processes.

Moreover, in the recent year we found ourselves in the role of the gateway between the Start-up Ecosystem (where embryonic ideas are born and bred) and the Business Eco-system (the more conventional business environment), hatching new ideas, contributing not only with our Building Blocks, support systems, know-how but also with our connections and allowing these ideas to gain Business Traction.

Our successful growth is the best evidence to our capabilities.