Innovative Patent Pending technology:
Natural semi-solid fibers for sugar and syrup replacement.


HI-FOOD is an innovation engine developing key functional ingredients and technological know-how for new clean label products in the Free-From, Bakery, Sauce and Gastronomy markets.
Very much R&D driven, our ingredients are not animal-based and carry a high innovation and knowledge content. A strong focus on functionality and on application development at the service of the finished product – with clean label and ease of application.
Located in Parma, Italy, in the heart of the Food Valley, HI-FOOD was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs with proven track record in the food sector wishing to add value through innovation and knowledge.

Functional Ingredients with
high technological effect

Natural, from sustainable sources
Innovative know-how at the basis of new, versatile Free-From building blocks
Low dosage, with a technological functionality and no nutritional side effects

Markets served

Free-From (E-free, allergen-free), Special expertise: Gluten-Free and Vegan
Bakery, Industrial Gastronomy, Cream, Sauce, Ice-Cream

R&D Diven

We study the functionality in natural sources, identifying the best process to obtain this functionality, studying and testing interactions between ingredients, creating systems to achieve the best effect in real applications.

Located in Parma, est. 2012

in the heart of the Food Valley, founded (2012) by entrepreneurs with proven track record in the food sector, located (2016) inside the Science Park of the University of Parma


Our Experience

R&D Diven

HI-FOOD functional ingredients are developed internally through careful and methodical studies and experiments, aiming at providing specific technological functionalities to natural ingredients, especially those of sustainable origin.


In a few years, HI-FOOD has developed a valuable network of partners, customers and suppliers worldwide (especially Europe) with the possibility to exchange information and business opportunities within the functional food ingredients market.


HI-FOOD operates through a networked supply-chain system: special raw materials are chosen and selected, their (natural) transformation process is tested and identified, creating intermediates custom-made for HI-FOOD which are then expertly combined in a final functionalization.


We found ourselves in the role of the gateway between the Start-up Ecosystem (embryonic ideas) and the Business Eco-system (the conventional business environment), hatching new ideas, contributing not only with our Building Blocks, support systems, know-how but also with our connections and allowing these ideas to gain Business Traction.

HI-FOOD Natural Functional Ingredients and technological know-how are at the basis of new Free-From building blocks.
These include:

  • a natural fiber-based functional system for the substitution of tropical oils (especially palm oil) with other oils, creating stable emulsions that can be processed on conventional lines
  • a natural vegetable fiber with outstanding water-retention properties providing freshness, mouthfeel and acting as fat-mimic
  • natural mold inhibitors replacing alcohol and other conventional preservatives
  • new bakery enzymes (transglutaminase and other enzyme systems for gluten-free)
  • new natural functional polymers for vegan products, clean label ice-cream products, replacement of hydrocolloids and custom-made systems
  • gluten replacement: HI-FOOD offers Hi-Nucleus, a concentrated functional natural ingredient to replace Gluten in the production of croissants and all bakery products with very clean label and nutritionally balanced recipes.
  • Bake-Stable clean systems

Keywords: free-from, vegan, clean label; gluten-free, palm-free, egg-free, additive-free, alcohol-free; legume flour, pea flour, chickpea flour, lentil flour, corn flour; replacement of hydrocolloids, fat-reduction; salt replacement; natural mold inhibitors; enzymes; custom-made functional ingredients, natural polymers; emulsion, water-binding, gel, texture, bake-stable.