In the heart of the Food Valley

About Us

Together, through our extensive research and development we are transforming the ingredients industry.
Our job is to add value to customer's finished products trough innovation and knowledge.
Developing and producing clean natural ingredients becomes possible thanks to new functional sources identification and excellent process application.

Our pillars

New product concept development

Leading technologies to enable the production of clean ingredients trough innovation and research supported by QA that continuously monitors compliance with current regulations.

Market Approach & Distribution Strategy

Hi-Food has developed a valuable network of partners, customers & suppliers and operates trough a dynamic supply-chain system. Proactivity combined with flexibility and speed to market assure business opportunities worldwide. Hi-Food is always open-minded about new cooperation, available to evaluate investments together with their customers and possible partners.

R&D Driven

Hi-Food functional ingredients are developed and produced internally trough scientific studies and trials aiming at obtaining technological functionalities from natural ingredients.

Clean Labelling

Customer and environment protection are fundamentals at Hi-Food. Natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand and pronounce. No artificial ingredients, synthetic chemicals or animal based.

Quality Management

Meeting every standard for quality and safety for the food ingredients industry
At Hi-Food Quality and Safety are our top priorities. They are essential for ensuring our costumers products and consumers health.
We conduct lot testing analysis to ensure we meet the highest ingredients industry standards and customer quality expectations.
Leaders in gluten-free ingredients processing by following fully traceable supply chain management, while providing product safety and stability.
Hi-Food works hard to protect consumers by delivering quality and safety without compromise.

Where we are

Parma, Italy, in the heart of the Food Valley
Parma, with a long tradition in food products, agriculture as well as food machinery, was awarded by UNESCO the title of "Creative City of Gastronomy", ambassador of the Food Valley worldwide.
Headquarter of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and of many important food companies, Parma University announced a further increase in its offering of Food Programs.